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Knowles Family Appeal

UPDATE: Sadly, Damien Knowles passed away in early December 2019. All proceeds will go to his wife and children. 


In early May, Damien Knowles was diagnosed with cancer in his bones (spine and hip) and also his liver. Doctors informed Damien that these cancers were secondary however they were not able to ascertain the primary source of the cancer which meant further testing. Soon after, Damien received the news no one wants to hear -  his diagnosis is worse than first expected. His oncologist informed him that he has incurable cancer of the biliary duct near his pancreas. He is undergoing chemotherapy, and if he responds well to this it may give him a couple of years.


Damien is 39 years old and has been married for 10 years to Krystle, together they have two young daughters Indi, aged 9 and Maya, aged 6. 


Detective Senior Constable Damien Knowles is attached to Crime Scene Coffs Harbour, only recently transferring there in February 2019 from Coffs Harbour Detectives. Damien graduated from the academy in August 2005 where he was stationed to Port Macquarie General Duties and then to Kempsey General Duties and later TAG. In October 2010 Damien transferred to Coffs Harbour General Duties and in 2012 he moved into criminal investigation where he achieved his designation.


Damien grew up in Coffs Harbour and has many friends within the community. Damien is a true outdoors man with a love of Fishing and Camping and is the president of NSW Police Fishing Club.


Damien will undoubtedly face many challenges in the near future. His family, colleagues and friends are supporting him through this time of hardship. The added support of the community will make a world of difference to Damien, Krystle and the girls during this difficult time. 

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